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Our facilities

Round the clock services

Kedar Ortho is operational 24x7 for all your treatment needs. Be it for an emergency or for a regular treatment, Kedar Ortho is available for you throughout the day. After all, pain or accident strikes any time.

24x7 Emergency Trauma & Fracture Care

Kedar Ortho has a team of doctors, nursing and paramedical staff ready to provide comprehensive service 24x7 for all emergency trauma and fracture care. When you need it most, we are there always.

A Range of In-patient facilities including General Ward, Standard Rooms & Executive Suite

To accommodate and provide treatment to patients from all walks of life, Kedar Ortho has a wide range of in-patient facilities such as general ward, standard rooms and executive suite for various needs of the patients.

3 State-of-the-art Operation Theatres

Kedar Ortho has three fully-equipped operation theatres to attend to various surgical needs of the patients. The theatres are capable of handling a full range of surgeries from simple ones to complex procedures. Theatres are available for 24x7 and 7 days a week.

Laminar Air Flow

The operation theatres at Kedar Ortho come with Laminar Air flow technology enabled to provide extra protection to patients against the risk of airborne contamination and infections at surgical sites.

24x7 Full Fledged Laboratory

For an accurate treatment, accurate diagnosis of the problem is very important. Kedar Ortho has a fully-equipped laboratory that functions 24x7 to help patients get tests done any time during the day.

24x7 Pharmacy

Kedar Ortho comes with 24x7 pharmacy within its premises for the convenience of the patients to get medicines anytime during the day.

24x7 Digital X-ray

Digital X-ray is vital to determine fractures, dislocation and other orthopaedic problems. Kedar Ortho has a fully operational 24x7 Digital X-ray unit.

C-Arm (Fluoroscopy)

C-Arm machine with fluoroscopic imaging facility is important for performing complex orthopaedic procedures. Kedar Ortho has the latest C-Arm equipment to help patients receive the best treatment for their ailment.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with Ventilator Support

For treatments that require critical care and for post surgical care, Kedar Ortho has a fully-equipped Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with Ventilator Support. In addition to advanced equipments, experienced nursing and paramedical staff are available at ICU to provide necessary care for the speedy recovery of patients.

Central Oxygen Supply

Kedar Ortho has a central oxygen supply fitted which allows complete oxygen supply for patients requiring critical care. This prevents frequent changing of oxygen cylinders or moving it from one location to another within the hospital causing great discomfort to in-patients.

Physiotherapy unit

Kedar Ortho has an exclusive Physiotherapy unit for both in-patients and out-patients. The unit has advanced therapeutic equipments and experts to provide treatment and rehabilitation to help patients get back to active life. The unit uses a combination of treatment and physical exercises to promote and restore physical well being.

Ambulance on Call

Kedar Ortho has fully equipped ambulances on call to attend to 24x7 emergency trauma and fracture care. Just a call to our customer care can help you get our ambulance at your doorstep.

Empanelled in all Insurance Networks (Cashless Treatment Facility Available)

Kedar Ortho is an approved hospital to get insurance cover for your treatment. We are empanelled with most of the insurance providers and with Kedar Ortho you can get your ailments treated without making any upfront payment.