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Medical Services

Kedar Ortho is committed to provide outstanding services to patients from all walks of life. We have given below some of the services available with us right now and we are eager to widen our spectrum of services in the near future.

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24 x7 Accident and Trauma Care

Kedar Ortho has a team of specialists with hands-on experience in handling all areas of trauma care and emergency surgeries and ongoing treatments for patients with critical injuries due to accidents. From minor fractures to life threatening complications, we can provide appropriate and timely care.

Fracture Care

Fracture can strike you hard and fast. Apart from being painful, it requires perfect care which otherwise can affect your mobility. We have world-class facilities and experienced specialists to handle all your fracture care needs 24x7.

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Joint Replacement Surgeries

Joint replacement surgery is all about replacing your worn out joints with a metal backed plastic replacement. The doctors at Kedar Ortho have thorough expertise in handling joint replacement surgeries including pre and post surgical care.

Key Hole Surgery (Arthroscopy)

Kedar Ortho has the expert team and infrastructure to carry out Arthroscopy surgeries which helps patients get best results from surgery with minimal pain. Arthroscopy is effective for trimming broken or torn cartilage, repairing torn meniscus, ligament reconstruction etc. We also focus on specialized rehabilitation following such surgeries.

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Spine Surgery

Our doctors are well trained to handle degenerative spinal disorders, back pain, disc prolapse, spinal injuries due to accidents, treatment of paraplegics and tetraplegics etc. Kedar Ortho offers complete spine care and rehabilitation solution with highly personalized treatment solutions.

Joint Pain Clinic

Joint pain can be due to many reasons including damage to cartilage which can make movements difficult and painful. Kedar Ortho can provide a variety of treatments to completely cure Joint pains. For patients requiring joint replacement surgery, Kedar Ortho has experts to undertake the surgery successfully.

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Neck & Back Pain Clinic

In today's demanding professional life where spending long hours before the laptop or system is inevitable, Kedar Ortho can provide complete care to patients with neck and back pain. Patients will be given personalized treatment and care to ensure they lead a pain free life post treatment.

Paediatric Orthopaedics

Our Team of doctors are experienced and trained to handle musculoskeletal (joints, muscle and bone) disorders in kids, which can strike from newborn babies to kids in their early teens. We manage fractures, bone and soft tissue tumors, limb and spine deformities and gait abnormalities.

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Hand Surgery

Kedar Ortho provides highly specialized, comprehensive care for patients with problems in hand due to injuries, birth deformities and tumours. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art equipments for diagnosis, surgery and rehabilitation of hand. The team has experience in microvascular and microneural surgery helping the patient to restore proper function of the hand.

Orthopaedic Oncology

With our highly specialized physicians and availabiliy of modern diagnostic equipments and range of treatment options, Kedar Ortho provides need-specific treatment of musculoskeletal neoplasms and tumour-like conditions effectively.

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Sports Medicine

We have the wherewithal to help ardent sportsmen recognize, manage and help in the complete rehabilitation from injuries resulting from serious sporting action or due to strenuous physical training or exercise. Kedar Ortho has a full-fledged sports medicine unit and specially trained physiotherapists to help sportsmen and women completely recover from sports injuries.


Kedar Ortho has an exclusive physiotherapy clinic to help people restore their mobility and effortless movement of their limbs. From simple physical therapy to intricate rehabilitation protocols, Kedar Ortho can provide need-specific and comprehensive treatment to help patients recover in the shortest possible time.

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